Ski lifts - Aldrov, Jizerka – Ski Resort in the Giant Mountains

Lanovky a vleky Aldrov



Aldrov - Prezidentský expres



Aldrov dětský vlek



Aldrov - Jizerka (Doppelmayr)


Sjezdařské tratě Aldrov



Aldrov - červená I. Šárky Záhrobské

720 m



Aldrov - červená II. VÁCLAV

850 m



Aldrov - modrá GIZELA

900 m



Aldrov dětská

150 m



Aldrov STRAČENA (Jizerka)

650 m

Skiing rules

  1. Enter  the slope and go down the hill only with your skies on
  2. Everybody has to behave in such a way that he/she does not endanger others. 
  3. Choose the level of difficulty of the slope according to your personal abilities (blue, red).
  4. Adapt your speed to your personal abilities, conditions of terrain and weather.
  5. Always stop on the side of the slope, do not sit on the slope pointlessly and do not cluster.
  6. Do not enter or do not cross the slope if you do not make sure that there are no other skiers.
  7. You can overtake from any side provided that you leave enough space for the overtaken skier. The overtaking person is responsible for the safety.
  8. Be careful particularly in narrow places. Do not stop there, after a fall leave the place as soon as possible.
  9. Keep adequate distance from dangerous places, especially if they are marked by warning signs or barriers.
  10. At accidents, you are duty bound to assist and call the Mountain rescue.
  11. It´s prohibited to run off the rails of the lift – there is a danger that the tractive rope can fall down and injure someone seriously.
  12. Any adjustments on the slopes (jumps, gates, etc.) are allowed only with the permission of the operator.
  13. The slopes are closed after 4:30 PM  and are adjusted. Danger of injuries!!! (with the exception of the slopes intended for night skiing).
  14. Skiing out of the determined slopes is prohibited and will be considered as breaking of the skiing rules with all the consequences.
  15. Conserve nature of the Giant Mountains, have respect for operator´s instructions and Mountain rescue.

Instructions of the operators of cableways/lifts

  1. Every transported person has to have a valid ticket.
  2. Children ticket is for children up to the age of 12.
  3. Ticket offices are open 15 minutes before  and for the opening hours of the lifts and the cableway
  4. Time tickets are not transferable.
  5. Visitors of the resort can ask for any ticket in the form of chip card (with the exception of Golden Pass) in every marked ticket office.
  6. The chip cards are "contactless" – do not put them into the reading equipment. We recommend you to have them separately in the left pocket. Don´t leave the cards near the source of magnetic field (e.g. mobile phone), don´t expose the card to excessive heat.
  7. All season tickets have to have a photo of the user of the ticket.
  8. Operators reserve the right to decrease the prices according to operating conditions, weather or promo activities.
  9. Inform us about paying by credit card in the marked ticket offices ahead.
  10. By buying a ticket, the visitors are obliged to respect instructions, recommendations, restrictions and rules of the transportation code.
  11. Tickets holders are obliged to present the ticket for checking if asked by employees of the sports areal, the Police or the City Police.
  12. In the case of breaking the transportation and trade conditions, the operator is authorized to exclude the ticket holder from the transportation and destroy his/her ticket.
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